Bioracer… A short history of the brand.

The early days…

Raymond Vanstraelen first founded the Belgian based Bioracer in 1986. As a result of an amateur cycling career he was motivated to start a company to improve aspects of the cycling sport.

During his time as a cycling coach, where Vanstraelen guided various top-level riders and winners of cycling classics, he created the very first digital bike fitting system based on body measurements. Firstly, the name Bioracer is a derivative of Biomechanics and Racer. In addition to that, the logo is based on the Vitruvian Man from Da Vinci. To clarify, ‘Man is the measure of all things’ was certainly Raymond’s vision. That’s the history and everything that Bioracer stands for today. Therefor, Making the rider better and faster with a holistic vision on cycling was above all the main goal.

Based on the perfect bicycle position he started manufacturing tailor-made bicycles. As well as the first Biomechanical cycling shoes to improve stability and symmetry.

A few years later Vanstraelen started manufacturing cycling clothing on request of a few professional cyclists. The rain jacket was the first Bioracer product . Made for the legendary Panasonic cycling team. Soon the Bioracer clothing started to boom. As a result, more clubs wanted to order custom team wear. Bioracer began to focus solely on the development and production of the most innovated and advanced cycling apparel.

More recently…

During all those years, Bioracer kept helping cyclist with their cycling position and insoles. In 2010 a new ambition had emerged, the goal was to create the most advanced cycling movement analysis system. Since 2015 the Bioracer Motion system was launched. That has led to create the first Speedcenter by Bioracer where cyclists can get the best services to optimise their cycling experience and to prevent injuries.

Bioracer customers wear the same quality as the pro’s. Our clothing has been tested by the worlds’ leading riders at World Championships and the Olympic Games. These items helped them win almost 1000 medals over the years. It’s our mission to make you faster. No matter what level of cyclist you are.

Our services help to make champions, win medals and make dreams come true.
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